Superpowers for Good: The Skills You Can Master to Leave Your Mark on the World

Devin has leveraged his “superpowers“ to drive impact in the world his entire career, as an executive, through media and podcasts, as an author. In his new book, he assembles deeply personal stories that will inspire all of us to build a brighter future. ~Isabelle Hau 

The first page caught my interest immediately. The themes in Superpowers for Good bring forward thoughts of Marvel characters into real life. Heroes use their special gifts and talents to reach their super goals. Each interview of accomplished and successful people was a journey into a story of personal ambition and fulfillment. The author (Devin) divided the chapters with a word that describes character-building values: leadership, passion, hope, optimism, team building, and, importantly, hard work.  All these values are the ingredients that build a rewarding career and an accomplished life. I enjoyed turning the pages to follow the challenges and decisions made by each person, but a common thread ran through all the interviews—they were dreamers who visualized reaching their varied goals. Superpowers for Good illustrates looking at the future as a new adventure each day.  ~Senator Karen Mayne

We all have a superpower, even if we don’t know what it is. Devin Thorpe’s ability to reveal the amazing powers of amazing people is unmatched. Superpowers for Good is an incredible collection of stories from people who are making an impact on the world around us. ~Richard Bliss

Superpowers for Good provides an accessible playbook to those committed to changing the world. If you want to know more about how some of the best leaders in the world do well and do good, then this is a must-read. ~David D’Angelo

I read it in one sitting! The most inspiring book I’ve read in years. It puts us in touch with both our humanity and our greatness. Awesome!!!!! ~Rebecca David

Devin did a phenomenal job putting together all of these inspiring stories from individuals across the globe doing amazing work for humanity. In my opinion, he is a superpower for good. ~Monique Ntumngia

Super Powers for Good is a treasure trove into the insight and inspiration behind some of the greatest people on this planet. Devin has put in the time and effort into interviewing hundreds of people to discover their true superpower and the magic behind it. This book is a love letter to motivation and incredible people that have changed the world, but it is also prescriptive in helping the reader to learn how they too can also leave their mark on the world. Tap into your superpower and read this book. ~Clint Pulver

A delightful and enjoyable read, the highlights of Devin’s years of interviews are compiled in a very simple to consume yet profoundly insightful book that will make you consider your Mark on the World.  Each chapter helped me reconsider my own Superpowers for Good. Although I began by skipping through chapters among his famous and popular guests, I was compelled to sit and enjoy every chapter, along with Devin’s powerful commentary.  He keeps the Promise of this book from his opening call-to-action: “Now, go find and master the superpowers you’ll use to leave your mark on the world.” It certainly drove me to find mine. ~Jason Hewlett

Devin has captured the essence of what drives (superpowers) people to do good for humanity.  The book, Superpowers for Good is a very interesting read with memorable stories of people doing good with helpful tips at the end of each chapter to help us to grow so we can leave the world a better place to live.  The collection of inspirational stories reminds us where we start in life doesn’t define us or where we finish in life, and we can all choose to finish strong! ~Steve Sterling

Through the pandemic, nurses and other frontline healthcare workers have proven beyond doubt that they are superheroes. Devin's Superpowers for Good is a guide that will help anyone develop the strength to do the good these heroes do every day. ~LeAnn Thieman

How delicious to the brain are knowledge and goodness!!! The world had desensitized me to what is real and true and good. This book brought those things back to me! Power and real-world knowledge to help me move forward and find and use my own Superpowers for Good! Superpowers are on the earth, embodied in human form with the greatness of their learning and example! This book shows you heroes really do live! #SuperpowersforGood are on the earth! ~Laura James

The way you can tell a good book and a good guy is to first read the book, of course, and then to find out if they’re both doing good in the world today and are still at it tomorrow. Simple as that. Devin Thorpe is a good man, and Superpowers is a great book.  ~Don Marsh

Is it possible to become more powerful?   When remarkable people reveal their superpowers, we all learn and benefit. I feel stronger already. ~Ina Pinkey

Devin recognized that a spark in each of his interviewees drove who they are and why they are successful. Having had the experience of Devin asking me to describe my Superpower, I can reveal that it was a bit of a shock to have to think about it. Mine is just something that I do every day that I consider “ordinary.”  Devin helped me see that what I do is a bit unusual and an important part of my success. From reading other examples in his book, I’m amazed at the diversity of these powers. My hope is that by reading about the amazing people he profiles, readers can discover their own Superpowers and “get behind them” and the power they have to transform lives. ~Daryl Hatton

The solution to any problem is a conversation away because the collective brilliance of all of us is far greater than the singular brilliance of any of us. In his book, Superpowers for Good: The Skills You Can Master to Leave Your Mark on the World, Devin Thorpe practices one of his unique superpowers to tap into the human treasury where we will find our solutions. Devin presents the power of making an impact in a way that is both refreshingly authentic and psychologically sound, with abundant and practical applications from our faculty of superheroes. ~Dr. Paul Jenkins

Fans of Devin Thorpe's podcast are in for a real treat - he's captured the spirit of each guest and their superpower for us in Superpowers for Good. His ability to extract their humility from their humanitarianism sets Devin apart as a storyteller. ~Asha Aravindakshan, Author of Skills: The Common Denominator and MIT Sloan Fellow

In this powerful, life-transforming masterpiece, Devin Thorpe highlights the superpowers of incredible people. Their stories are relatable, as Devin shares the heart of their journeys, intertwining their professional and personal challenges, beliefs, experiences and achievements. If you only read one book to encounter empathy and embrace hope for humanity, this is the one. It is raw, real and restorative. You can pick it up at any place and immerse yourself in another’s shoes, learning their lessons alongside. With sensitivity, Devin guides the reader through a unique personalized experience drawing out the reader’s deepest emotions, thoughts and procuring contemplative inquiry. This is not just a book of stories; this is a guide map to our inner selves, to acknowledge all parts of us and to delve into some of life’s most important questions. I will read it over and over again to gain new emotional intelligence and wisdom from these amazing people and Devin, who translates stories with precision, care and genuine love for his audience. ~Joy Case, social entrepreneur

In Superpowers For Good, Devin Thorpe has compiled and magnified a fantastic array of everyday superpowers, providing a variety of guidance and life lessons sure to appeal to anyone looking for direction, a sense of purpose, and a better understanding of how we can call use our "superpowers for good." ~ Daisy Thomas, Editor at The Utah Bee

Real-life examples are the finest teachers. Therefore, Devin Thorpe's diverse collection of extraordinary people describing the development of their "superpowers" is a uniquely rich source of learning. ~Patricia "Trix" Dahl

Devin Thorpe has done it again! So you want to make a difference? In his latest book, he gives you the tips you need, from the famous and the not so famous, who have preceded you! ~Scott Leckman

For years, author Devin Thorpe asked hundreds of guests on his podcast, "What is your superpower?" Their inspiring answers, along with profiles highlighting their social impact and insights into how you can emulate them, comprise Superpowers for Good.

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