Devin Speaks

Fully customized and personalized presentations begin with giving audiences a choice among 50+ superpowers they want to master. Devin speaks to the top three, drawing on the lessons of some of the world's great changemakers highlighted in the book, Superpowers for Good. Choose from among the following options listed below:

  • Fully customized 50-minute virtual keynote - $1,495

  • Fully customized 90-minute virtual training - $1,995

  • Six fully customized 90-minute virtual trainings - $10,000

  • Fully customized 50-minute on-site keynote - $10,000 (includes domestic travel)

  • Fully customized 6-hour on-site training - $12,000 (includes domestic travel)

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48 W. Broadway, #1903 | Salt Lake City, UT 84101