Devin Speaks

Earn a discount on speeches by choosing a "Superhero" subscription to the Superpowers For Good newsletter on Substack. Not only will you receive lots of great  content, including podcasts with changemakers, but you'll also receive a 30-minute virtual presentation called "The Superpowers Optimism, Empathy and Persistence Will Supercharge Your Organization."

Superhero subscribers may upgrade the presentation and will receive a credit or discount of the greater of $495 or 20% off the speech or training. The content can be customized to include any of the 60+ skills and powers you've read in the book, Superpowers For Good.

Choose from among the following full-price options listed below to receive the greater of a $495 or 20% discount:

+ Fully customized 50-minute virtual keynote - $1,495

+ Fully customized 90-minute virtual training - $1,995

+ Six fully customized 90-minute virtual trainings - $10,000

+ Fully customized 50-minute on-site keynote - $10,000 (includes domestic travel)

+ Fully customized 6-hour on-site training - $12,000 (includes domestic travel)


48 W. Broadway, #1903 | Salt Lake City, UT 84101